• Please find a posture in which your body is comfortable and will feel supported for the length of the meditation.
Then let your eyes gently close, partially or fully. Taking a few slow, easy breaths, releasing any unnecessary tension in your body.

• If you like, placing a hand over your heart or another soothing place as a reminder that we’re bringing not only awareness, but affectionate awareness, to our breathing and to ourselves. You can leave your
hand there or let it rest at anytime.

• Now beginning to notice your breathing in your body, feeling your body breathe in and feeling your body breathe out.

• Just letting your body breathe you. There is nothing you need to do.

• Perhaps noticing how your body is nourished on the in-breath and relaxes with the out-breath.

• Now noticing the rhythm of your breathing, flowing in and flowing out. (pause) Taking some time to feel the natural rhythm of your breathing.

• Feeling your whole body subtly moving with the breath, like the movement of the sea.

• Your mind will naturally wander like a curious child or a little puppy. When that happens, just gently returning to the rhythm of your breathing.

• Allowing your whole body to be gently rocked and caressed – internally caressed – by your breathing.

• If you like, even giving yourself over to your breathing, letting your breathing be all there is. Becoming the breath.

• Just breathing. Being breathing.

• And now, gently releasing your attention to the breath, sitting quietly in your own experience, and allowing yourself to feel whatever you’re feeling and to be just as you are.

• Slowly and gently opening your eyes.

This meditation exercise is brought to you by Chris Germer.
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