Release Date November 2022 – Pre-Booking Available Now!

(No Teacher Training Necessary – Parents/Caregivers Can Access as Well)

About ‘Mind How You Go’

Mind How You Go is a emotional wellbeing and positive mental health workshop that is continuously available 24/7 for secondary schools students (3rd year and up) all across Ireland (home schooled and/or individual student versions also available).

Course Outcomes: young people in secondary school will learn how to mind their mental wellbeing, build resilience and reduce stress and anxiety. All from the comfort of their own homes or other private space and in their own time!

Participants can login/access and complete the modules in their own time over the 10 months of the workshop licence and they can go back to previous modules at any time should they want a refresher!

Chp 1: Releasing Unrealistic Expectations

Chp 2: Managing Thoughts, Feelings and Behaviours

Chp3: Acceptance and Compassion 

Chp 4: Understanding Mindfulness

Chp 5: Discoverer, Noticer, Advisor and Values (DNA-V)

Chp 6:  Self Care

The course costs €200 per school (no matter the amount students per school).

If your school does not provide Mind How You Go parents/caregivers/young people themselves can now purchase the workshop for just €20 per household.

Click on the video below for a short trailer of the workshop!

To purchase the workshop please click the link above or email or phone 0818 99 88 80

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