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About ‘The Voyage’

Since 2016, we in Helplink Mental Health, have been providing our unique emotional wellbeing workshop for 6th class students called The Voyage; to primary schools in Dublin and Galway.

In 2021, with the support of the Irish Youth Foundation, we adapted this workshop so it is available online nationally for everyone.

Since going live we have provided The Voyage to over 30 schools (and to homes) from across the country, supporting over 3000 6th class students with the emotional aspects of transitioning from Primary to Secondary School!

The School/Home edition of the course costs €200 per school (no matter the amount of 6th class students per school).

If your school does not provide The Voyage parents/caregivers can now get a home version only for just €20 per household.

To purchase the workshop please click the link below or email mindhacks@helplink.ie or phone 0818 99 88 80


Supporting Primary School Student’s Emotional Wellbeing Transition from Primary to Post Primary School.

The Voyage is a workshop, designed by Helplink Mental Health’s Play and Art Therapists, which supports children’s emotional wellbeing during their transition from 6th class in primary school into secondary (post-primary) school.

This is achieved by providing the children with age appropriate mental health life-skills that they can practice and re-practice from home for 10 months after the course has taken place in school.

Transitioning from Primary to Secondary school is a time of huge transition for students, where many children experience uncertainty and increased apprehension/anxiety. 

Some of the mental health life-skills provided in the six chapters of the course (each chapter takes circa a half an hour), can require basic art materials; that can be accessed in most homes.

No artistic ability is necessary to complete the activities. 

Please click play on the video below to see a short trailer for the course:

Supported by:

The Irish Youth Foundation Generation Pandemic Fund

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