Mind Hacks

Educational & Enlightening Workshops for Primary, Secondary & Third Level Students

Available 24/7



Our accredited, qualified and Garda vetted Therapists have developed and facilitated our in person mindfulness, positive mental health and emotional wellbeing workshops to primary, secondary and third level institutes since 2016.

These workshops have now been re-developed for use online with the Mind Hacks platform by Helplink’s Counsellors/Therapists.


Our 2nd and 3rd level student mental wellness and resilience building workshops are designed to be available 24/7 for the student!

We designed them this way as there are lots of stress and anxiety reduction, resilience building and other exercises that they may want to repeat; in their own time!  

The cost to license these workshops for  per year is €200 for Secondary schools and €2000 for Universities/Colleges.

The license lasts for 10 months for students once activated!


Our primary school level workshop, The Voyage is a in school based workshop that runs over 6 days (half an hour each day).

There is no extra training needed for teachers!

Educators simply login to The Voyage workshop on this platform each day via their class whiteboards, projectors, etc.

Once students have completed the workshop they will be given a code by their teachers and then can log on and do the exercises again and again in their own time over the next 10 months!

The cost for The Voyage workshop per school is €200.